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- 29 december -

Virgin Law Wins Back To Back Championships; GUS Wins Record-Breaking Fifth Straight Title

The 2014 Fall Playoffs have come to a close ending yet another NGSL season. Virgin Law defended its title winning the men's league championship for the second season in a row. They rolled to a 27-11 win in the semis over Extremely Average Dicta and then beat Pro Boners 32-12 to reclaim the championship. Offensive contributions up and down the lineup and solid defense behind pitcher John Kane propelled Virgin Law to victory. Home runs from Virgin Law's Evan Guimond, Michael Cotton, and Andy Bank punctuated the offensive outbreak.

Fall 2014 Men's Champs

In yet another undefeated season, GUS won the co-rec league championship, its fifth straight title, the most ever by a co-rec team. GUS took down The Tribe in a gritty 9-7 victory and then went on to defeat DDD 8-2 to make NGSL history. Slick fielding by Pam Dorian in right and clutch hitting led GUS to the win.

Fall 2014 Co-Rec Champs

- 10 november -

Fall 2014 Playoffs

There can only be one November. The playoffs have begun. Check out the bracket here.

- 10 september -

Softball Is Here

It's like Christmas morning, isn't it? The waiting is over. Softball season has officially begun and it feels so good. Check out the Preseason Power Rankings here. Happy tree hunting everyone.

- 17 august -

We're Baaa-aaaack

After a long summer hiatus spent eating more crabcakes than you can possibly imagine, we've finally made it back to Charlottesville for the Fall semester. There have been some changes to this hallowed town since we've been gone. Three's dance floor will never see a sweaty, public makeout again. But a lot's also stayed the same. Biltmore still serves Fireball and PBR and NGSL is still serving up doses of softball.

Here's the lineup of events for this fall:

August 22nd - Welcome Back Party at 1946 Lewis Mountain Road
August 29th - Dandelion Parade at The Park
September 2nd - Captain's Meeting (Location TBD)
September 21st - 1L Tournament
September 28th - Foxfields

And to finish up, here are the league leaders for this summer:

Times Singing "How Will I Know" at Firm Karaoke: Evan Guimond, 6 times
Emails Sent to Other Summer Associates Inviting Them to a Social Event: Ashley Singletary-Claffee, 14 emails
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Eaten: Dave Martin, 67 bacon-wrapped scallops
MPREs Skipped for Atlantic City Bachelor Parties: Chris D'Agostino, 1 MPRE skipped
Ice Bucket Challenges Ignored: John Kane, 1 challenge ignored
Compliments Given to the Architectural Integrity of 1946 Lewis Mountain Road: Been Seel, 1 compliment given

- 7 may -

Spring Season Success

Congratulations on a great season everyone! The last playoff games wrapped up last week in showstopping fashion. Virgin Law topped Nick Brown's Softball Fantasy Squad as men's league champs in a 7-6 nailbiter, and GUS eeked out Yo Come Party in the co-rec championship 10-8. Great job to everyone who competed, and we look forward to seeing you next season!

- 14 april -

Spring Playoff Brackets Now Live

If you're anything like us (and let's hope you aren't), you just can't get enough softball. With the tournament over, thank goodness we still have the 2014 Spring Playoffs! The brackets for the playoffs are now live, and you can access them here. Good luck everyone!

- 8 april -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Congratulations!

Softball Enthusiasts - Congratulations to everyone for an amazing tournament weekend! This year was a wild success, with $20,000 donated to Children, Youth and Family Services, Inc. of Charlottesville (CYFS).

Check Presentation

Nearly 120 teams showed up from dozens of law schools across the country to enjoy a beautiful weekend of beer, barbecue, and of course -- softball. In that respect, a big congratulations to repeat Regular Division Champs Florida Coastal and first-time Co-Rec Division Champs Duke Diamond for topping the leaderboards this year. We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2015! I hear Biltmore is expanding their patio.

- 3 april -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Welcome Party, Registration Packets, Schedule Changes

Softball Enthusiasts - Just a reminder that the Registration Party is from 1-8pm tomorrow, so make sure to stop by Wild Wing Cafe to get your registration packet, BBQ tickets, and Saturday Night Party wristbands. Also, keep checking the schedule, as some game times have changed. Thank you!

- 3 april -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Tournament Schedule Now Available Online

The second moment you all have been waiting for is here: the schedule for this year's tournament is now available online! Click here to find out information on your pod, games schedule, and -- as the weekend progresses -- game scores and bracket play. And while you're at it, take a look at some of the Team Profiles, now online as well. See everyone tomorrow!

- 3 april -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Team Profiles Now Online

The moment you all have been waiting for: Team Profiles are now online! Head here to check out your competition. Be sure to check back tomorrow for updated information regarding this year's tournament sponsors and final pre-arrival details.

- 2 april -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Waiver Form, Team Profiles

Just three more days until teams start rolling into Charlottesville! By popular request, the team waiver form is now available online. Please click here to download. In addition, the unofficial list of teams is now live! Team Profiles will be uploaded shortly.

- 28 march -

Spring Power Rankings Updated, and Invitational Team Profiles Due Monday

Two posts in one week! I'm basically Hemingway. To start off, the much-anticipated 2014 Spring Power Rankings are now live! You can check them out here. The weather has taken a toll on total games so far, so there's still a chance for the bottom-ranked Gus to climb one or two spots before the end of the season! Remember guys, winning isn't everything!

Now an update for all you Invitational fans out there: Team Profiles are due NO LATER than this coming Monday, March 31 at 5pm EST (I got no love for the Central Time Zones). Getting them in early is greatly appreciated, and I can guarantee a less scathing comment in the "Analyst's Take" if you do. Maybe. Probably not. Either way, get them filled out here ASAP!

- 25 march -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Registration Closed, Team Profile Form Now Available

Welcome tournament-goers! We hope everyone who wanted to register got the chance, because registration for the 2014 UVA Invitational is CLOSED! We've got a LOT of teams signed up and a HUGE bracket to break down, so we expect an action-packed tournament weekend in just a couple short weeks! The Captains' Letter and 2014 Tournament Rules also now are available online for your reading pleasure.

For you captains out there, Team Profiles are open for submission. Just follow this link to the online form. If you're in need of some inspiration, feel free to check out the team profiles from last year, available here. Now get typing!

- 5 march -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Registration Deadline Extended to March 14

To all non-UVA softball enthusiasts: the registration deadline for the 2014 Invitational has been extended! After receiving some requests for additional time, you now have until March 14 to submit your registration form and entry fees. Remember that both can now be submitted online. Please see the Invitational Page for more information.

- 24 february -

Spring Season Team Registration Forms Due TOMORROW, February 25 by 6:00pm

Don't worry guys, we aren't about to let this good weather go to waste. Spring Season team registration forms are due TOMORROW, February 25 by 6:00pm! Any captains from last semester should have received this information last week. If you have any questions, direct them to the Head Umpire. He LOVES writing emails.

- 17 february -

2014 INVITATIONAL UPDATE: Registration Deadline March 7, Application Now Available Online

And now, a message for our non-UVA friends from this year's Tournament Directors. UVA students, be on the lookout for an update concerning spring season registration in the coming weeks!

Dear Softball Enthusiasts,

The registration deadline of March 7, 2014 is quickly approaching! If you have not yet sent in your registration materials, we encourage you to do so soon, as both divisions are filling up fast. In order to ease the registration process, you can either send in your forms via snail mail, or register online. Online payment for entry fees is available as well via PayPal. Please see the Invitational Page for more information.

We hope you will join us in April!

Emily and Andrea

- 5 november -

Playoff Brackets Posted

Is it really November already? I guess so, because playoff brackets for all leagues are now available online! Questions should be directed to team captains or the Head Umpire. Good luck to all the teams, and check back often to keep tabs on how the payoffs progress.

- 29 october -

Power Rankings Updated

The latest Power Rankings for the season have been updated and are available here. Be sure to check out the opposition and tweak your roster prior to playoff season, a.k.a. enroll that Darden guy in a Short Course.

- 28 october -

2014 Invitational Registration NOW OPEN

Here it is folks, the announcement you (non-UVA) people have been waiting for: registration for the 2014 UVA Law Softball Invitational is officially OPEN. The tournament will take place Friday, April 4 through Sunday, April 6, right here in beautiful Charlottesville. Head on over to the Invitational page for more information. Completed registration forms and fees are due no later than March 7, but the tournament fills up quickly so delay at your peril. We look forward to seeing all of you in Charlottesville this April!

- 27 october -

Macho Tournament Sees Mucho Success

The 673rd Annual Macho Tournament took place this afternoon, and boy was it a doozy. With eight teams competing for bragging rights, this was by far the largest Macho Tournament in recent memory. While the 9am start time threw some teams for a loop, those who showed up with a manageable morning-after BAC performed admirably. Not wanting to be upstaged by Jim Joyce, one umpire even was spotted pants-less singing "Happy Birthday To Me." If that's not a proud UVA tradition, I don't know what is.

Top honors for the day went to 3L team "Drea Is Good At Sports." Congratulations on the win, guys -- and congratulations Drea, on being good at sports.

2013 Macho Champs

- 8 october -

Macho Tournament Registration Now Live

It's that time of year again, folks. Time for fame. Time for glory. Time to see if that most recent steroid cycle will finally pay off. So stretch your arm and pack that lip -- it's time for the 2013 Macho Tournament.

This year's Macho Tournament will take place on Sunday, October 27. Registration is now open, and registration forms and updated rules can be found here. Some Macho-specific rules include: (1) no maximum arc for pitches, (2) no co-rec line, (3) leading off and stealing are allowed, (4) no separate women's and men's batting orders, and (5) shirtless innings*. A full list of rules are attached to the registration form. Copies of each are also available outside the NGSL office, SL158B.

This year we are offering a special discount to early registrants: $15 per team if you register by October 12, as opposed to $25 per team thereafter. Registration forms must be placed with cash or check in the folder outside the NGSL office. All forms are due no later than Thursday, October 24. So get those forms in and get practicing -- there is literally nothing more important in your life right now (I'm looking at you, 3Ls).

*Shirtless innings not guaranteed.

- 6 october -

3L Tournament and Week 3 Rankings

Congratulations to Section K for klaiming victory in this year's 3L Softball Tournament! If only you had won Dandelion our 1L year -- then you could lay claim to the elusive UVA Law Triple-Crown.

Pre-tournament betting showed a strange surge in odds for an LLM/Transfer championship, despite the fact that none of those players have been on grounds since 2012. As predicted, Section E remained undefeated by not showing up.

For those of you who couldn't make it, the semifinals of the tournament were red-hot this year. A resurgent Section L suffered a narrow and controversial loss to the subsequent champions, and Section C chased their comeback dream just short of victory at the hands of Section J. The final match between J and K was truly a test of hard-headed determination, with K's team moms ultimately providing the upper hand via Natty Light and orange slices. Congratulations to Section K, and to all sections who participated this year!

Week 3 Power Rankings also now are live. I would apologize for the delay, but...Foxfield. GET AT 'EM

- 24 september -

Week 2 Power Rankings Now Live

Enjoy. Just remember: there's no crying in softball.

- 24 september -

Getting Frisky With It

Congratulations to Section F for their victory in the 1L Tournament! It was a hard-fought weekend, but at the end of the day the Friskiest competitors came out on top. As usual. A big thank-you to everyone who came out to watch and play, and to Patton Boggs for sponsoring yet another successful tournament!

Section F Champs

- 17 september -

Week 1 Power Rankings Now Live

Let the trash talking commence. I'll be allocating bonus points each week according to a very scientific formula, based largely on the number of LLMs in Regular League and 1Ls on D-Teams. Begin scouting now.

- 15 september -

UPDATE: 1L Tournament Date Changed to THIS SUNDAY, September 22; Macho Tournament set for October 27

Update your calendars, folks -- the 1L Tournament has been moved from Saturday, September 28 to this Sunday, September 22. Please note that this has no effect on the quality of the umping, despite your constant whining to the contrary. In addition, the Macho Tournament is now officially scheduled for Sunday, October 27. Start cycling your testosterone supplements now.

- 11 september -

And We're Off!

Another year, another batch of 1Ls basking in the glow of cheap beer and bad dancing. Last week's Dandelion was a riveting success, at least for the audience -- the performances were their usual brand of terrible. As predicted, the team that found the sweet spot between male nudity and theatrics took home the crown, with Section B's "Blades of Glory" proving too much for the other sections to match. Their success was short-lived, however, as they promptly lost their softball game against NGSL by a score of 27-to-"hold my beer." I guess they forgot that famous UVA motto: "Never pitch in rollerblades."

Dandelion marked the start of the fall softball season, so get your games scheduled now! Power Rankings are now live, so you 1Ls can see what you're up against. Just in case you didn't get an eyeful last Friday. Be sure to send your scores to the Head Umpire after each game so we can post them online. These scores will influence the weekly Power Rankings, but not nearly as much as bribes.

That's all for now! Check back every week for new updates to the Power Rankings, and I'll see all of you at Biltmore. From where I may or may not be posting this.

- 22 august -

Home Sweet Home

Aaah, Charlottesville. The only place in the world where students count down the days until they can finally head back to school. Welcome home, everyone!

Hopefully you all kept your gloves oiled this summer, because we're hitting the ground running this year. It's been far too long since we've seen each other slap the bag demonstrate our collegiality. Speaking of which, on to our upcoming events:

Friday, September 6
Park Pavilion
A proud UVA tradition since 1984, Dandelion marks the opening day of the softball season and an introduction to all that is UVA Law for the newest "best class in UVA Law history." Don't worry if you've felt intimidated by your classmates -- we PROMISE you won't afterwards.

Friday, April 4 - Sunday, April 6
REGISTRATION COMING SOON! The 2014 Tournament will take place the first weekend of April, so mark your calendars accordingly. Start thinking about your rosters and be on the lookout for an update from us. In the meantime, email questions to and check out the page for last year's tournament.

Saturday, September 28 Sunday, September 22
Copeley Field
The yin to Dandelion's yang, the 1L Tournament is a chance for the sections to show who is top dog on the field. Regular season players, get your scouting reports ready.

TBD/Late October Sunday, October 27
Copeley Field
No rules, just roids.

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